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The Durham Armory lit up with twinkle lights, flame uplighting, and patterned gobo lighting.

Our Services

LED Marquee

We are excited to be the Triangle's ONLY licensed supplier of LED Marquee!

Head over to our page at to see more about what we offer and to submit a request for a quote!

The LED Marquee Raleigh logo, which is just the words in black and white.


Décor Lighting:

Want to add ambiance to your next event? Is your wedding reception ballroom too plain for your desires? Want to add color to the tent you are using for your evening party? Consider décor lighting. Décor lighting will dramatically change the look of any venue.

Putting on a themed event? We have décor lighting available to enhance your theme. Some of the more popular décor lighting effects are washing the walls or tent with color, twinkle lighting, and market lighting.

Hosting an outdoor cocktail hour? We also have cocktail table light poles so your guests can socialize under the sparkle of twinkle or market lighting!

Special Effects Lighting:

Need a little more pizzazz for your event? Do you want to brand or personalize your event? Do you want to highlight your table centerpieces? Will there be dancing at your event? If so, the answer is special effects lighting.

Display your corporate logo, personalized monogram or even a color photo on the outside of a building, a ballroom wall or dance floor, or the inside or outside of a tent.

You spent a lot of money on your table centerpieces and now you want your guests to see them. Pinspotting is the answer. Pinspotting with the correct lighting will make a great impression when your guests walk into the room.

General Lighting:

Having a nighttime outdoor event and your parking lot is an empty field? We can illuminate the field. Are you using a small tent as the caterer's kitchen or maybe even as a coat-check room? We can provide general lighting for all your needs.

These examples are just some of what is available in décor, special effects, and general lighting. Contact us to discuss your vision and determine the right lighting solution for your event!

The ceiling of a country club with twinkle lighting draped between the rafters with chandeliers in the middle.

Stages & Risers

We have been building stages and risers since 1988. Whether you need a 4 x 4’ riser or a 60’x 40’concert stage, we can do it. Since we use a modular system, we are able to build stages in a variety of different configurations. The height of our stages can be anywhere from 7 inches to 7 feet, in 1-inch increments, and will adapt to any ground slope. Our equipment is strong enough to hold a car, if that's what you need.

Do you need a fashion show runway? We can build it in either the standard “T” configuration or even I or L configurations. Do you need temporary choral risers for your event? With our system we are able to build tiered risers of any length, height and number of levels. Do you have a press conference coming up and need a camera platform or press riser? We can do it. Want to show off the wedding party? We can build a multi-tiered head table riser.


Some of the other configurations that are possible include: ADA wheelchair ramps, graduation ramps, tiered theater seating, elevated platforms, and multi-level production stages. We can also build custom supports and scaffolding so you can attach your own backdrops and banners!

All of our stages include skirting and a stair unit. If you want to dress it up, we can cover it with plush carpet (indoors) or black or green turf (outdoors). Take a look at our gallery to see some of the stages we have customized.

A multi-tiered stage with black skirting and upright supports to hold the a backdrop, in a school gym.


We have a basic "ceremony audio system". Our basic audio system can be used for groundbreakings, wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, fundraisers, galas, business meetings, or other similar events. Complete the system by adding wireless microphones, press boxes, or music.


If your special event needs video projection, we can help. Some of our video projection options include front or rear projection screens of different sizes, as well as large (up to 70") TV monitors.


Is your venue large enough that guests sitting in the back might have problems seeing the speaker on the stage? Add a camera and project the image on a large video screen. Need to connect a laptop or other device to multiple displays? No problem. Want to record your event? We can do that, too!

Please note we do not rent out our A/V equipment; rather, we will always require one of our technicians to be onsite during your event to ensure a smooth experience!

A technician's table at an event with two laptops, a monitor, and a sound board.


Our portable bleachers can be used for parades, sporting events, gym/dance recitals, etc. Beyond the conventional uses of bleachers, they can also be used for: group photo shots, choral risers, sales meetings, product demos, themed parties, and rallies. You can also use bleachers anywhere elevated seating is necessary. Since our bleachers are erected on site, they can be used at indoor and outdoor events.

Our bleachers are 5 rows per set, each row holds 10 adults (thus, 50 adults per set). Their dimensions are 15' W x 9' D x 4' H. They cost $950 for the first set for up to 3 days, and then $100 for each additional set. This includes delivery, set-up, and breakdown. Rentals longer than 3 days are $50 per day, per set of bleachers. We have a total of 5 sets in our inventory.

A set of bleachers with five rows sitting outside on grass.


Some of our other services include pipe & drape, lecterns for speeches, and scaffolding for building your ideal backdrop. We're also open to designing and building new offerings to fit your vision - we love to get creative! Whether that's new kinds of LED or neon lights, the more colorful, the better.


So, even if you don't see what you are looking for on our website, contact us and we will discuss how to make your vision a reality!

Scaffolding built for the Special Olympics, from which hangs a red banner saying Welcome.
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